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Strange Colored Beaches

These beaches have interesting colors for various reasons.

This beach in china is red from sea blight plants

red-beach-seablite-plants panjin-6

Red sand beach in Hawaii

Click here for black sand beachs

Green sand beach in hawaii

Pink sand beach Bermuda

Another beach with pink sand

Orange beach. I don’t think the sand is really orange, it is just photoshopped.

Tulum – Ruins by the Beach

A beautiful mix of Mayan archeology and clear blue water at the beach.

Ruins by the beach in Tulum Mexico







Interesting Roads in the World


The road from key largo to key west crosses over many bridges and blue water.


the runway actually crosses the road at this airport. The road has crossing gates for airplanes like a railway crossing.

Interesting bridge on the atlantic road in norway

Beautiful Rainbows at the Beach

Beautiful rainbows over the beach. Many of the nicest rainbow beach pictures come from Hawaii.

Beautiful rainbow over Haena Beach in Hawaii


double rainbow in Kauaii Hawaii

Wailau Beach Hawaii

Brandon Beach Oregon

Rainbow and palm trees at an unknown location

The Life of Poor Children in India, Pakistan etc


Rides for children in India


Amusement park ride for kids in a garbage dump in India or Pakistan

children in india ride to school

Bicycle of a poor child in Africa

India Strange People

These are some of the strange people wearing strange outfits that you can see in india.


A man at the golden temple in Amritsar wearing a giant Turban


Man wearing orange robes riding a bicycle

girl walks on a tightrope



Exotic Looking Soldiers from Around the World

Its interesting to see the Soldiers from different parts of the world and how they dress. Each country has its own style.

Indian Soldiers Doing some kind of motorcycle show


Soldiers march at the India Pakistan border.

South Korean Soldiers

Indonesian Soldiers


African Union soldiers

This african union soldier just has AU painted on his helmet.

A spanish soldier with a sheep

Russian Soldiers marching


Wedding Dresses and Traditional Weddings Around the World

This is a collection of pictures of exotic wedding dresses and wedding traditions from around the world. These dresses are really beautiful.

Chinese wedding


Indonesian Wedding


India wedding

Saudi Arabia wedding dress

Wedding in kiev Ukraine, Eastern Europe

Ethiopian wedding

Kyrgyzstan Central Asia

Barbados wedding on the beach


Seychelles Island Beautiful Beach Photos


The island nation of Seychelles has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This famous beach has unusually shaped rock formations




Creepy Places Abandoned Buildings


these are some creepy looking buildings. unfortunately I don’t know where they are located


abandoned ghost house