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Immigrants Traveling on Boats

There are certain spots in the world where people risk their lives to travel by boat to a country where they believe they can find more opportunities. They often travel on overcrowded rickety boats.

Illegal immigrants traveling from Somalia to Yemen


Illegal immigrants traveling from Africa to the canary islands which are owned by Spain.

Immigrants traveling from Libya to Europe



Western Ghost Town

Ghost towns in the western USA are creepy places. They were often built around mines and when the natural resources ran out, the people left the buildings behind.



Indian Ocean Beaches – Seychelles Maldives

The islands of the Indian ocean are not as well known as other beach and resort areas around the world, but they are some of the most beautiful. Seychelles has the worlds most exotic picturesque rock outcroppings by the beach and maldives has the most extreme white sand and clear water beaches in the world

Beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean





Africa Beaches


Africa is known more for safaris than for its beach tourism, but its location straddling the equator results in some very nice beach locations. These are some pictures from beautiful beaches in Africa.

Beautiful beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania


Mozambique beach

Goree Beach Senegal


namibia-skeleton-coast-desert-beach-980 beaches by the desert

Beautiful Pictures of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, located in Agra, India is one of the most beautiful Monuments in the world.  It looks like something out of a movie or a fairy tale. These are some beautiful pictures of it from different angles.


Beautiful South Pacific Beaches

The south pacific region is known for its crystal blue waters and beautiful white sand beaches. The many small islands have countless beautiful and isolated beaches. These are some of the beautiful beaches of the south pacific.

Papua New Guinea Beach


French Polynesia beaches and huts on the water

Fiji small island beach

Gun Beach on Guam

Marshall Islands beach


Beautiful Beaches in Asia

Asia has its share of beautiful beaches, especially the islands and coastline of southeast asia. Indonesia and Philippines lie along the equator on the edge of the south pacific region. There are tropical islands and white sand beaches.

Boracay, Philippines


Phi Phi island Thailand

Dreamland Beach, Bali Indonesia

Komodo Island beach, indonesia


Black Sand Beaches

Black sand beach in Maui, Hawaii. Many of the most exotic beaches in the world are in Hawaii. Hawaii seems to be the number one source of sand beach pictures.


Children play on a beach in Hawaii

Black sand beach in South Korea

Beautiful Caribbean Beaches

A few pictures of beaches in the Caribbean.

Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands.


Pink sand, Bahamas

Bonair Island beach with cactuses


Antigua town by the beach


Interesting Train Stations

These are some pictures of nice looking train stations.

Southern Cross station in London


Varna station in Bulgaria

Victoria station Mumbai India

Hua Hin railway station Thailand