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Free snorkeling spots in Miami/South Florida – travel

Easy spots by the beach to go snorkeling for free in Miami and South Florida

These are places where you can go snorkeling from the beach. you don’t have to ride out in a boat. Its best to go on a day when there is not much wind. It is hard to see anything when the water is stirred up. These places are very easy to get to, and the snorkeling is very close to the shore.


South Beach at first street/south point park

There are some fish around the Jetty (the jetty is the line of rocks going out from the beach) where the cruise ships go out into the ocean. This is not a coral reef, but there are lots of fish eating stuff that grows on the rocks.

Lauderdale by the sea by the pier

You have to swim out pretty far, most of the way to end of the pier. Theres a very large coral reef that runs parallel to the beach. the water is a little deep so you might have to dive down to see anything up close. this is north of ft lauderdale if you take commercial blvd to the beach.

Red reef state park in boca raton

There are lots of fish around the rocks that are right off the beach. It costs $20 to enter the park. get there by taking palmetto park road to the beach.

Either side of haulover cut near bal harbor.

There are fish around the rocks on either side of haulover cut. The area is under the bridge that connects bal harbor to haulover park.

coral cove in jupiter beach

theres a lot of areas of coral here but I mostly saw small fish. The coral seemed kind of dead and not too colorful or interesting.

this articallists some snorkeling spots that is claims are the best, but they are in Deeper water and a lot further from the shore than the ones I listed. They require a dive flag.

this artical this artical has more information about some places I mentioned.

Free Things to do in Miami

There are lots of fun things to do in the marvilous city of miami. Its easy to end up spending a lot of money if you aren’t careful. But don’t worry, there are a large number of activites that you can do without spending any money ( or spending very little money ) in miami.


Go to the beach

One of the best forms of entertainment en Miami is to spend a day at the beach, and the best thing is, its completly free. Miami has many perfect beaches for you. Look for the beaches that are most appropriate for the family, singles, entertainment…. or even a nude beach.

visit a free museum or art gallery

Miami is a first class cultural center. There are many opportunites to enjoy museums of art, science, and culture. Many Museums have certain days or certian hours of the day with free admission for the general public.

visit coconut grove

Coconut Grove has a rich history and is a unique part of Miami. There are many free things to do there, including visiting the Barnacle State Historc Site and Peacock park. The Cocowalk is located in the heart of Coconut grove. It is an open air shopping center which is considered a fun places for shopping. There are activities for adults and children, and many exibitions and live music.

visit little havana

If you want to experience the flavor of Historic Cuba while you are in Miami, you should certainly visit little havana. Other than the food, you can explore everything for free. From Domino Park, you pass by the Bay of Pigs Memorial, and the Viernes Culturales. Discover everything there is to see and do in Little Havana.

Design district and Wynwood

Can visit the design district to see the artistic graffiti on the walls and there are also free art galleries
free snorkeling spots

Sexy Girls of South Beach, Miami

South beach is known as a place where beautiful people come to enjoy the sun.  Here are some examples of the sexy girls you can see if you take a stroll along the beach.


girl sunbathing by the lifeguard house



Beautiful Aerial Photos of Miami Beach

These aerial photos give a nice view of the blue water and the high rise condos of miami beach.


South point park, and luxury condos at the south end of miami beach.

This is Haulover Beach. There is a nudist beach in the north part of the park but you can’t see anything from the air