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Beautiful Aerial Photos of Miami Beach

These aerial photos give a nice view of the blue water and the high rise condos of miami beach.


South point park, and luxury condos at the south end of miami beach.

This is Haulover Beach. There is a nudist beach in the north part of the park but you can’t see anything from the air

Strange Mosques From Asia

Some interesting Mosques form asian countries. They have a little different style from the Middle East. These are the kind of interesting things you see if you take a vacation to exotic destinations

Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque in Brunei


Brunei mosque at night

Uzbekistan Mosque

Mosque by a lake in Malaysia

Small wooden mosque in the countryside of west papua, indonesia

State mosque Malaysia

Nice looking mosque lit up at night. Not sure where it is located.

Overloaded Trains of India and other Countries


India is famous for overcrowded trains with people hanging off the side, but it happens in other countries too. Don’t worry if you are traveling to one of these countries. Most of the trains are perfectly normal.

Originally I thought this picture was from india, but it is actually people traveling for a religious festival in bangladesh. You can see they are wearing muslim outfits and hats.



Another overcrowded train in Bangladesh

Judging by how the people are dressed in the next pictures I think these pictures are actually from india




An overloaded train somewhere in europe

The next pictures are from a rail line in Indonesia. They better watch out for the electric wires while riding on the roof.



subways get overcrowded during rush hour in big cities around the world. here, it looks like employees are pushing passengers into the train car to stuff more in.